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“A little madness makes a great sauce.”

So the old saw goes. At Salty Umbrella, we believe that a little madness also happens to make great belts.  


We recently took to the seas with our favorite band, Wilderado. Glorious times ensued. See the video, featuring their song “Morning Light.”

Our unique belts

are made by incredibly skilled belt makers in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.  We feature the finest type of American belting leather, created with a unique tanning process that makes it one of the strongest and stiffest leathers around. Our designs are stitched on cotton taffeta ribbon and sewn onto a premium surcingle backing.



New Skiff & Galway Satchels

Designed from scratch and made by hand in the USA, our new Satchels are the ultimate everyday bags for the discerning & adventurous. The Skiff & Galway satchels continue the age-old tradition of enhanced utility with a pair of bags that are lightweight, durable, water-resistant and perfectly sized for your many expeditions.


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